PenBrow® Eyebrow Trimmer

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PenBrow® Eyebrow Trimmer gently erases hair from the surface of the skin with pinpoint precision. Now you can shape and maintain beautiful brows without destroying the root, or promoting premature aging like waxing, plucking, and threading.

Our New Generation Trimmer is fast, painless, and so precise, you can remove as little as one hair, or many.

It helps you create “Perfect Brows in Seconds”!



A true everyday beauty ally, the PenBrow® Eyebrow Trimmer is always gentle and safe for all skin types. It's a guarantee of effective results without the risk of cutting, burning or irritation, unlike traditional hair removal methods (waxing, plucking, threading…).



✔️ New & Improved pinpoint precision head can erase a single hair or many;
✔️ Shape and maintain brows in between salon visits in the comfort of your own home;
✔️ 18K Gold Plated head erases brow hair from the surface of the skin;
✔️ NO redness, irritation, or downtime;
✔️ Dermatologist Approved, hypoallergenic;
✔️ Built-in LED light so you never miss a hair.

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