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At BEBARB®, we don't like lies. Therefore, we will be 100% transparent and totally honest with you.

Based on the most rigorous manufacturing techniques, our beard oil is EFFECTIVE and is made from the best ingredients. That is why we promise you first results after only a few days. We are not afraid to say that our beard oil is the best castor oil on the market today.

Its light texture will allow a better absorption for your beard and your skin. Indeed, only a few drops will be enough to nourish your beard and give it a fresh, clean and tidy look. You will never again suffer from an oily and messy beard.  




Castor oil is known to promote beard growth, capture moisture in the hair shaft and make each strand thicker and shinier. So after just a few drops, your beard will look softer, shinier and stronger.

In addition to being the best castor oil on the market, we also have made sure that the formula of our oil is perfect for all types of beards or moustaches and therefore, suitable for people all over the world.

So, no matter what type of beard or moustache you have, don't hesitate to join the ranks of our BEBARB® family, because our oil will meet your expectations perfectly.  



Trust us!
We know it can be difficult at first. However, it’s also very difficult for us to produce an effective oil and have to convince someone who doesn’t know our product.

We have more to gain if you are satisfied with your purchase and thus, get the quick results we promise. If we have spent so much money on this formula, surely it's not to have only one order per customer, but several, and regularly.

So, don't hesitate more to join our family and order your BEBARB® kit containing our famous revolutionary oil and its beard roller.  


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    +25.500 Satisfied Customers

    Josh A.

    I had some doubts about the effectiveness of this oil before I bought it, but when I see the results I got in only 3 weeks, I can only advise you to go ahead and try this oil.

    Max W.

    Since I was young, I always had a bit of beard, but today I got tired of it and wanted to grow it out. So here are my results after only 2 weeks. I'm not disappointed with my purchase and will continue to apply this magic oil in my beard.

    Harry N.

    Having a few holes in my beard, I was looking for a miracle solution, as I was starting to get a complex. So, after some research, I came across the BEBARB roller and oil. After only 1 week of daily use, I can already see results in my beard. I recommend it!

    Thomas B.

    The quality of this oil is incredible. It doesn't stick to your hands and is very gentle on your beard and skin. As for the roller, it's very pleasant to use, it's not at all aggressive to the skin. So, if you are still hesitating, go for it.

    Alvin M.

    I've always wanted to have a big beard but had no luck with that until I came across the BEBARB website. Since I use their oil and roller, my beard has quadrupled in volume as you can see on my photos. Today, I finally have the beard I was dreaming of.


    4.8/5 Verified Reviews


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