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Cotton buds can be harmful! While they clean your ears, they can also push your earwax further into your ear canal and create blockages.

That's why we decided to create DrCandle®, a brand that specializes in invasive candles. DrCandle® removes earwax and 98.7% of other dirt in your ears with a reliable and effective way.

So, discover the most natural and traditional way to clean your ears!



Initially, the heat released by our candles softens the earwax (so-called emollient action). The wax is then drawn outwards by the vacuum created by the combustion: this is the so-called chimney effect. This effect contributes to the cleansing process by working both in depth and on the surface.

Secondly, at the end of the session, we can see (by cutting the rest of the candle) the eliminated impurities during the session.



✔️ Hygienic: DrCandle® remove 98.7% of impurities;
✔️ Natural: They are made of beeswax and eco cotton;
✔️ Relaxing: They have a relaxing effect, recommended by doctors;
✔️ Scented: They are scented with essential flower oils.

️Remove earwax, bacteria and other debris from your ear canal in less than 5 minutes!



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    +45,000 Satisfied Customers

    Jade N.

    These candles have literally changed my life! The results are amazing. I even managed to convert my husband, who was quite skeptical at first. We recommend.

    Rose O.

    I was quite anxious about putting a candle in my ear, especially when it came to lighting it. But in the end, more fear than harm! Besides removing earwax, it's quite relaxing. I love it!

    Paul K.

    A natural product and more effective than traditional cotton swabs. This solution is simple, effective and environmentally friendly! So, why deprive yourself of it? I keep talking about it to people around me.

    Max S.

    A huge surprise! I was a bit worried when I opened the candles, but I was finally stunned by the final result. It's amazing how much earwax it can remove!

    Marie P.

    I had some doubts about the effectiveness of this ear candles before I bought it, but when I see the results at the end of my sessions, I can only advise you to go ahead and try it. It's revolutionary!


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